Teaching Philosophy

Throughout my years of teaching I have sought to achieve two main goals with my violin students: helping them to achieve mastery on their instrument, and challenging them to become inquisitive, creative, sensitive musicians. I try to give my students the musical and technical background to approach all styles of music with intelligence and commitment. I hope they will carry our profession into the future, creating and performing new music with ease and enthusiasm.

Just as violinistic challenges can be conquered with patience and a step-by-step approach to the technique, the challenges of today's music require exposure and development over time. I try to use elements of new music in my teaching, introducing my students to the skills and composers they need to know to become twenty-first century musicians.

I also tell my students that music making is not a lonely activity. The excitement I feel performing chamber music with my own colleagues compels me to urge my own students to play chamber music regularly and to take the collaborative aspect seriously. I believe it will increase their enjoyment and success throughout their musical careers.

In addition to working with their peers, I savor my students' growth as violinists when they act as role models and teachers. Students learn when they see different stages of learning and share what they know. One adult student who acted as my unofficial assistant for several years at the Lucy Moses School now runs her own Suzuki school in Seoul, Korea. Looking to the future, I have a strong interest in training more teachers and creating a new pedagogy, perhaps a new method of violin teaching. If I can train more students to become thorough and imaginative teachers I can have a greater impact on future generations of violinists.

In summary, my goals as a teacher for all of my students are to help them have an open mind, to use their imagination, to be committed to excellence in all aspects of their music making, and to be ready to join a vibrant music world in the future, working with others to make music fresh and exciting.