Serving as Visiting Assistant Professor of Violin and String Pedagogy at Wichita State University since August 2015, I teach graduate and undergraduate violin lessons, as well as teaching String Methods courses for music education majors, and performing with the Fairmount String Quartet.

Prior to this recent appointment, I spent ten years teaching students ages 3-18 at the Kaufman Music Center, teaching in many situations and developing a violin curriculum. In my work there I taught at the Special Music School, a K-12 public school for musically gifted children; the Lucy Moses School, a community music school where I was also active in the Suzuki department; and Face the Music, where I taught, conducted, worked with young composers, and coached young quartets in the Kronos at Kaufman program.

Below are just a few examples of aspects of my work at the Kaufman Music Center:

Paris Lavidis, a longtime student of mine, is already developing a strong musical voice as a composer and violinist. He is seen here performing his composition with his quartet, Quartet This Side Up at the Queens Museum of Art.

I try to develop a strong chamber music sense in my students, performing Sonata repertoire with them, helping them learn both parts thoroughly. Alissa Mori, Special Music School student, performs the Debussy Sonata with me as part of a music history project.

Many of my students have performed extensively with Kaufman Music Center's Face the Music, a unique group for teens performing new music. Here, my students Noelle and Emma Ike perform the Didorenko Concerto for two violins at the Lincoln Center Atrium with Jenny Undercofler directing Face the Music.

6 year old Gretchen Kamm performing Rieding Concertino in the Hungarian Style. She began studying the violin with me at the age of 3 at the Lucy Moses School.